Martin at work servicing an Aga range cooker

What We Do | Service and Maintainance

Regular servicing on your Aga range cooker is very important to make sure that the appliance is first of all safe to use and working as efficiently as possible, aswell as making sure it is going to be reliable through those cold winter months.


An Oil fired Aga range cooker should be serviced every six working months and a Gas Aga range cooker every twelve months along with Solid fuel. Our Service includes:


  1. Cleaning out all carbon build up in burner and inlet pipes
  2. Replacing Wicks
  3. Stripping down oil control box and cleaning metering stem
  4. Checking oil flow to oil control box and if necessary cleaning any blocked filters on oil line
  5. Clean flue chamber and check for flue draught and carry out flue spillage test
  6. Check thermostat operation
  7. Check electric head operation
  8. Check for signs of soot and clean combustion
  9. Test fire valve (Flue safety device)
  10. Relight and check flame pattern on completion


  1. Check for gas soundness and correct operation
  2. Clean burner bar,pilot injector and main injector
  3. Check/replace Thermocouple (Safety device)
  4. Check operation of ignitor and lead
  5. Check thermostat operation
  6. Check flue safty device
  7. Clean out flue divertor and check flue draught and carry out spillage test
  8. Check all parts for damage/corrosion and replace if necessary
  9. Check gas pressure
  10. Relight and observe flame pattern on completion

Solid Fuel

  1. Remove hot plates and clean out flueways
  2. Check outer and inner barrels
  3. Clean down fire barrels and grate and carrier
  4. Check ashpit door baffles and ball catch operation
  5. Check thermostat for operation
  6. Check flue draught and carry out spillage test
  7. Relight on completion
Also: Checking lid cords,oven door ropeseals,tightening of lids etc is all part of every service!


It is very important if you are having an Aga range cooker for your home that it is installed by a professionally trained independent Aga range cooker engineer. The Aga range cooker it's self arrives in kit form and is built up on site generally taking around a whole day to complete. Also, connection of fuel pipes and flue pipes and the commisioning of the Aga range cooker must be carried out by a fully qualified engineer.

The actual building of the Aga range cooker, connection of the primary flue, final connection to the gas/oil line and commisioning of the Aga range cooker is what Martin specializes in. There will be preperation work required prior to the Aga range cooker installation by a third party such as laying a plinth, installation of secondary flue pipes and flue terminations, oil tank installations and running gas/oil lines. All info and technical advise can be given by Martin so that the site can be prepared correctly!